May 03, 2013

DIY > springy wreath

Growing up, I loved (and I mean absolutely-positively-LOVED) doing crafts. There was nothing better or more satisfying than gluing odds and ends together and my mom being "impressed" with my masterpiece.

Old habits die hard, 'cause I still consider a hot glue gun and leftover craft supplies a good time. This springy wreath is a direct result of a recent glue-fest (although I'm not sure whether or not my mom is impressed with it).

All items were things I had either found in our basement storage or in my stash of craftiness... so I consider this a 'free' project (but with an estimated $15 worth of craft supplies? Not counting inflation...).  I had bought some plain wreaths from Michaels a few years ago when I was apalled at the price of store-bought wreaths, thereby full of good crafting intentions. The floral pieces were initially intended for our wedding (back in 2010), and I'm happy to have finally found a use for them.

How to:

1. Gather craft supplies. I used a plain wreath from Michael's, some floral accents, and a hot glue gun.

2. Cut floral stems to desired length.

3. Using the hot glue gun... go nuts! I had no 'vision' of what the end product would look like, just added pieces here and there until my crafty little heart was content.

4. It doesn't take long for the glue to dry - the wreath was hanging on our front door within an hour.

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