May 11, 2013

mini makeover > wire basket

If I have a free Saturday morning, I am most likely treasure hunting (otherwise known as yard-saling and thrift-shopping). This has been the case over the last few weeks and lucky for me, today was no exception.  There were several yard sales and plant sales in the area today - all fundraisers for fantastic causes. I love my regular treasure hunts and I'm even happier when my money is going to a great organization in our community. It's a win-win situation all the way around.

This wire basket was found at the local Bibles for Missions thrift store - not exactly a yard sale, but definitely one of my usual Saturday pit stops. It cost me less than a buck and took less than five minutes to spruce up. #win.

Total cost:

Wire basket = $0.50
Spray paint = already had at home (but sells for about 6 bucks at Home Depot)
Time = 5 minutes (not including drying time)


  1. hey jen -
    it's amanda. a blast from the past, yes?
    well, pinterest has directed me here (as it has directed me to so many places). i enjoy your diy ideas & your thrifty finds. feels like home to me...
    i'm also running a blog these days (of no particular importance, except for photos of here for those who are far) but i was just wondering if i could link yours to it?

    -amanda (nee vanderheiden... haha)

  2. yes, please do! that is SUCH a compliment. thank you.

    I hope all is well - congratulations on your beautiful baby girl.