April 29, 2013

mini makeover > flower pot

This past Saturday morning had me up and at 'em by 8 am, which is pretty rare for me. I'm not exactly an early bird... This "early riser" business happens incredibly rarely and for very few reasons, one of them being yard sales. And a local yard sale is where this little blue number caught my eye.

I was drawn to the texture of the pot and the fact that it was only a quarter. Lately I've been convinced that almost anything will look amazing with a fresh coat of white paint (even more amazing when that thing is less than a dollar). So 25 cents later, we were on our merry way.

The weather was not only perfect for yard sales, but was also just what was needed for a couple outdoor projects.

An hour or so later, and voila:

Total cost: 
flower pot = $0.25
white spray paint = already had at home (so let's consider it free?)

April 22, 2013


First things first: gezellig is pronounced heh-zell-ick (you can practice here).
And secondly: what do you MEAN by gezellig!?

The Dutch say "gezellig" is untranslatable into English...    but, this is gezellig:

Gezellig is comfortable.

Gezellig is bright.

Gezellig is quaint and cozy.

Gezellig is gracious and hospitable.

Gezellig is social: a great night with friends and family over a delicious meal (perhaps of grilled cheese sandwiches).

Gezellig is general togetherness.

Gezellig is belonging.

I'll be honest: I've heard Dutch relatives describe something as gezellig and never thought much of it until recently. Then something clicked and I realized gezellig is what home should be. Inviting, cheerful, a comfortable and awesome space to call your own.

While I don't exactly have a niche area to blog about (yet), I hope to make this a blog chock full of cheap thrills: thrift store treasures, DIY attempts and other domestic adventures.
Basically, inexpensive ways to make your home more gezellig.

April 18, 2013

up ahead...

A sneak peek, project-wise... 
involving rescued frames, four dollar mirrors, spray paint shenanigans 
and bidding adieu to butterfly decals.

See you soon? 

April 14, 2013

confessions of a pinterest addict

Confession: I am a Pinterest addict. I spend way too much time liking and re-pinning, and even more time thinking, "I could do that!" (Whether I actually can or will is an entirely different story.)
But all of that time wasted spent on Pinterest planted little idea-seeds in my brain, eventually convincing me that maybe I could be a blogger too. Correction: an aspiring blogger. A wannabe-blogger, at the very least. So, if you're reading this, thank you for humouring me and visiting my humble little corner of the Internet.

A little bit about me:
I am a twenty-something wifey who lives in the Great White North (a.k.a. "Canada"). I spend my non-working hours puttering around my little house, prowling thrift stores, occasionally playing hostess, and trying not to burn grilled cheese.

A little about my hopes for this blog:
I may not be the next Martha Stewart (see burnt grilled cheese reference above), but am hoping that blogging will push me to develop my handy-woman skills and increase my home ownership knowledge. I'll probably share my thrift store scores and relatively successful recipes here too. I will eventually (soon! honest!) expand and explain where the heck I came up with "so gezellig."  Who knows?! I might go a little cray-zay and introduce you to my Beagle pup Freddie or even provide my tried-tested-and-true Kijiji tips.

Stay tuned.