September 26, 2013

in progress: volume 5


I feel like I haven't made any progress this month, because the unfinished projects that I mentioned a few weeks ago have yet to be completed. My goal is to have the rocking chair and this ^  side table finished by the end of October.

This fine side table has yet to make a blog appearance, so here is a brief look at the refinishing process (so far). A step by step post is in the works and will be posted here once this side table makeover is complete.

September 22, 2013

DIY > no sew tie blanket

It's only appropriate that I am writing this with Sunday Night Football in the background, with the Steelers  playing against  losing to the Bears at this very moment. I'll admit it - I'm not paying much attention to the game, or to the NFL season in general... but I pretend for the sake of a happy marriage. :)

That being said, I earned brownie points from the hubby (a Steelers fan, maybe you had guessed?) today by making him a no sew man blanket of his own.

The instructions for this no sew tie blanket are more or less the same as the no sew baby blanket that I made back in June. However, the measurements I made for the corners and the fabric strips are a bit bigger this time around as this blanket was for a dude (not a baby... therefore more material was used and the finished blanket is bigger).

Enjoy the simplified, visual how to!


Total cost:
Cost of fabric =  $26.23 for 2.5 yards ($10.49 per yard at Hobby Lobby)
Total cost = $26.23  
(... and my husband's surprise = priceless)

September 07, 2013

mini makeover > thrift store wreath

Our front door has never really been naked in the three years that we've owned our humble home. And by naked, I mean wreath-less. Just add this to my list of quirks: I strongly believe in curb appeal and accessorizing your front door (consider a wreath the equivalent of a great statement necklace?).

I've rotated a few wreaths that I've bought, made, and rescued over the years; this is my latest victim...

I recently found this wreath at the local MCC thrift shop for four bucks... enormous bow included. I saw past the bow and knew it was a prime candidate for some spray paint lovin'.

(This may not be the first mini makeover that this wreath receives - I can see it being a wreath of all seasons with a fresh coat in a different colour, depending on the holiday season...)

Total Cost:

Wreath = $4.00 (local MCC Thrift Shop)
Spray paint = free (leftover from a mirror makeover // Rustoleum Painter's Touch in Green Apple)
Total = $4.00