May 20, 2013

DIY > scrabble tile magnets

I'm an admitted word nerd - my day is not complete without finishing the crossword from the newspaper. My husband is tired of playing both Scrabble and Bananagrams with me. And my childhood dream was to be locked in the local library overnight. So it's pretty safe to say that my inner bookworm is going to get a lot of use and enjoyment from this project...

I'd been on the hunt for used Scrabble games for awhile - I have a few DIY ideas for reusing the tiles other than this one (Pinterest inspired, of course).  
This version was found at a thrift store a few weeks ago for $1.00. 

This time I didn't have to bust out the spray paint OR my glue gun (I'm trying to broaden my horizons!). The 'how to' aspect of this DIY is the easiest of all: simply peel and stick the magnet strip to the tiles. Foolproof. No potential for any klutzy-excited mistakes or messes here.

My magnet supply only cost $2.99 at Hobby Lobby (side note: to the best of my knowledge, there aren't any locations in Canada, only in the States... but well worth visiting the next time you're over the border). 

I cut the magnets using a Scrabble tile as a guide. All that was left to do was peel 'em and stick 'em.

That was it! Like I said, foolproof.

After I was finished, I stacked a few hardcover books on top of the magnets for some added pressure and security (worse comes to worse, I'll glue them back together - I'm pretty confident that they will hold well).

Total cost:
Scrabble game = $1.00 (thrift store)
Magnetic backing = $2.99 (Hobby Lobby)
Total = $3.99

Time = depends on how many Scrabble magnets you want to make! 
I made about 50 magnets and it took less than 7 minutes (it took me longer to load the pictures and write this post than it did to do the entire project).

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