May 22, 2013

DIY > magnetic clipboard

Over the weekend, I went on an adventure with my mom & sister to a land far, far away... Pennsylvania. We were on a quest to find bargains in a land of minimal taxes and explore stores that are not found in the Great White North.

Target was one of many places on the itinerary. Even though locations are now open up here in Canada, we still get a weird thrill from Tar-jay. Being the good deal-seeker that I am, I hit up the dollar spot first... and saw potential in this wee clipboard (I had already bought the magnetic strips from Hobby Lobby, so I was on the hunt for new things to stick to my fridge).

Another foolproof project (even easier/quicker than the Scrabble tile magnets!):

1. Supplies needed: clipboard and magnetic backing. I found my clipboard at Target, but you can probably find something similar at Dollarama, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, etc. Odds are these stores also carry magnetic backing.

2. Cut magnetic backing to size.

3. Peel and stick.

4. That's it.

Total Cost:
Clipboard = $1.00 (Target)
Magnetic backing = already had from another project  
(but let's say I used about 25 cents worth of backing...)
Total = $1.25
Time = 4 minutes. (Seriously. Probably less.)

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