May 14, 2013

DIY > dressed up doormat

Disclosure: I swear I haven't always spray painted everything in sight. Honest. It's only been a recent development. Also: I can't take total credit for this project. This one comes straight from the pages of one of my favourite books, Young House Love (the authors, Sherry & John Petersik, are the masters of DIY and I read their blog daily). 


I started with a basic doormat from Ikea (SINDAL). The next time I dress up a doormat I might look for one that is larger, one that will extend past the door frame and fill the space a bit better. But this will do for now.

Next I taped off the design (I used painter's tape, but I'm pretty sure masking tape would be fine). This was my attempt at a chevron pattern...

Further proof of my klutzy-excited behaviour: not realizing that I was low on this particular colour spray paint and having to factor in a last minute Home Depot run. Half an hour later, I was back on track...

Side note: I should have used more painters tape (along the parts I didn't mean to paint, as pointed out by the arrows above) to keep the lines crisper (is that a word?).

Total cost:
Doormat = $6.99 (SINDAL from Ikea)
Running out of spray paint = $9.47 (Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze from Home Depot // similar here)
Painter's tape = already had at home
 Total = $16.46

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