August 25, 2013

in progress: volume 4

I'm still scraping away on that rocking chair. I've also been project-hopping: working on refinishing a side table, transforming a tree stump (seriously!) and have another Young House Love-inspired post in the works. Like I said earlier: I tend to do things in the wrong order!

Since I didn't think anyone would want to look at ten more pictures of a half-scraped rocking chair, I thought I'd share some recent DIY attempts that haven't been so successful (consider them DIY mis-adventures...). Hopefully I'm not the only one learning from my mistakes?


Mis-Adventure #1: Slipcover vs. Bed Sheet

There's nothing wrong with the couch in our living room (other than the pillow zippers that Freddie chewed apart as a younger, less mature pup). While I'd love to update our furniture with a couch in a solid colour, it's not in the budget this point in time. I thought I'd make do in the meantime by buying a basic slipcover for the couch - my sister has slipcovers on her couches, and they look great. Seemed easy enough. I even remembered to measure the couch before setting out in search of the perfect slipcover... should be foolproof, right?
After spending an evening at home wrestling with the supposedly simple slipcover, I deemed it too messy looking. (Maybe our couch measurements are unusual and awkward?) Not what I expected. My husband suggested throwing a bed sheet over the couch instead and getting my money back (a wise and frugal Dutchman, he is). I ended up taking his advice and returned the slipcover for a refund (the money saved will go into the New Couch Fund)... but have yet to test out the bed sheet-as-slipcover suggestion.

Mis-Adventure #2: Spray Paint Problems

I found a patterned ampersand at Hobby Lobby for less than three bucks, and thought it would make a nice addition to a bookshelf after a spray paint mini-makeover. I've never used primer before spray painting anything, and haven't had any issues... Until now.
I guess the finish of the ampersand didn't agree with the spray paint I was using (Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Semi-Gloss in White). The result is a frustrating, ugly mess of bubbles. I'm determined to salvage this one somehow! I'm thinking I will have to use a combo of paint thinner/remover and sandpaper before starting fresh.

Mis-Adventure #3: Questionable Frame-Wreath Combo

Around the same time that I made the springy-wreath, I was also planning to transform this old frame into some sort of a square wreath. My intentions were good; I think I was planning to add tons of floral pieces so that you wouldn't be able to see the frame at all. At some point this project was forgotten and left as is... which is incomplete. Not quite a frame, not yet a wreath...
I'm not sure why I thought that wrapping an ivy garland would make a good starting point, and am 99% sure that the ivy will be removed before starting fresh on this project.


Have you had any DIY mis-adventures?
How have you been able to rescue or salvage any not-so-successful projects?

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