August 07, 2013

mini makeover > swappin' frames

I found this print while treasure hunting at the Salvation Army back in July. It reminded me of a tattoo that someone would have on their arm, the word "Mom" scripted on a heart, probably involving a banner in the background and some flowers. (Kind of like this?) And so for $3.99, I adopted this thrifty print with the intentions of swapping the frame for something simpler...

 Total cost:

Print & original thrift store frame = $3.99 (Salvation Army)
White frame = already owned (RIBBA from Ikea)
Total = $3.99


  1. Jen!

    I saw that EXACT picture at the Sally Anne and hummed and hawed over picking it up - glad you did, looks great!


  2. Thanks! Glad I scooped it up when I did :)