August 02, 2013

in progress: volume 3

Three things I've learned since my last blog post:
  • Swapping out one item in a room really does make a big difference. For example, an inexpensive new rug (check out the picture below, top left - I found it at HomeSense last week, on clearance!). 
  • Slipcovers are deceptive. Not what I expected. Maybe my couch is awkward. Not sure if I'll be keeping the one I bought... Based on my recent slipcover attempt, I should have saved the money and tossed a bed sheet over our couch. (Any tips? Has anyone else wrestled with a slipcover before?!) 
  • I was pleasantly surprised that my five dollar palm sander actually works. I found it at the infamous Caledonia Townwide Garage Sale and was willing to gamble a few bucks... I'm planning to use it to refinish a side table, a dining chair rescued from Value Village (also seen here), and the rocking chair for starters.  
Rug swaps, a side table for the palm sander, rocking chair diaries,
 ampersand paint problems, & slipcover issues.

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