July 23, 2013

rocking chair diaries: part 1

Weird yet true confession: I love garbage day. Let me explain: I love the night before garbage day, when random treasures can occasionally be found alongside the recycling bins and garbage cans. Most of the time, the random treasures are not actually treasures, but true garbage - worn out, ripped couches, broken bookshelves, dressers that have seen better days - and are beyond salvaging.

But sometimes, people can't be bothered to put an unwanted item on Kijiji, Craigslist or even Freecycle and on Garbage Day's Eve, these items are fair game (and free!) to curbside scavengers like myself.

Exhibit A: this perfectly good, perfectly free (thank you, anonymous neighbour!), full-of-potential rocking chair.

I plan to go over it with my palm sander, but am unsure what to do after that - stain it darker or paint it a bright white? What about painting it bright yellow or red?

Thoughts? Ideas? Please send 'em my way!

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