July 14, 2013

mini makeover > candlesticks

I spent the last week not blogging. Instead, the hubby and I unplugged and headed north to spend a week with 52.5 members of our extended family (and I'm not exaggerating - that includes immediate family, aunts, uncles, cousins, cousins' kids, and one cousins' kid in utero!). Overall, a week full of swimming, sand, and sunshine plus a handful of family traditions.

I finished this little mini makeover yesterday afternoon - spray painting always takes priority over unpacking and folding laundry. (Right?!) The candlesticks caught my eye at last month's Caledonia Townwide Garage Sale. According to the price tags that were left on the bottom, they were initially purchased at Eaton's for $19.99 a piece (at least 14 years ago... probably back when I was still sporting sweatshirts from Northern Getaway).

Anyways, like a good garage-saler, I haggled and convinced the lady to let me have the set for five bucks. I liked their shape and knew they just needed a fresh coat of spray paint...



 Total cost:

Candlesticks = $5 (Caledonia's Townwide Garage Sale...
aka: the most wonderful time of the year)
Spray paint = $6.99 (Rustoleum's 'Lagoon' // similar at Home Depot)
Total= $11.99


  1. These are so cute! And I LOVE the colour. I like your blog! I just found you on YHL :)

    1. Thanks Samantha - you just made my day!