September 26, 2013

in progress: volume 5


I feel like I haven't made any progress this month, because the unfinished projects that I mentioned a few weeks ago have yet to be completed. My goal is to have the rocking chair and this ^  side table finished by the end of October.

This fine side table has yet to make a blog appearance, so here is a brief look at the refinishing process (so far). A step by step post is in the works and will be posted here once this side table makeover is complete.


  1. Jen, are you planning to stain or paint this table? I have found that if I am painting my wooden furniture projects that I only need to use a palm sander or sand paper. It saves you tons of time! You just need to be sure to buy a good quality paint (like Benjamin Moore) with the primer built in.

    Happy restoring!


    1. I've stained the top of the table, and ended up painting the legs white. It needs another coat or two and maybe something to seal it (?) before it is officially 'done'.

      Thanks for the tip - I have another small side table that is almost finished, and I didn't strip that one at all... just gave it a good sanding and started painting. And it definitely saved me a couple of hours!

      I'll post pictures of both tables soon :)