June 28, 2013

DIY > no sew baby blanket

When I left for my first year of university, one of my aunts gave me a blanket. This particular blanket is like the travelling pants of tie blankets: it has seen me (and some of my friends) through the many milestones of student life.  The good, the bad, and the ugliest of breakups...

I recently became a first-time auntie, and thought that it would be appropriate to give my nephew a tie blanket of his own. Who knows - maybe this tie blanket will see him through many milestones in his life as an infant and perhaps even as a toddler? (I'm assuming he is years and years away from his first terrible breakup.)

This ^ is the tie blanket that saw me through university and beyond. It's also the blanket that I used as a guide and a pattern for a baby tie blanket... no sewing allowed. As always, I did refer to Pinterest a few times to double check some measurements (this particular blog was helpful).

The fabric was purchased recently at Hobby Lobby. I ended up buying 2 yards of the softest fleece that I could find (1 yard of each colour), and cut each of the colours in half so that I was able to make 2 blankets.

Tip: Pick a fabric that has some stretch in it... it will really make a difference!

How to:

1) I untied a few of the knots in the original tie blanket to estimate how long/thick to cut the fabric strips. I found that cutting them long and thin was easiest to work with.

2) I measured the width of the fabric for the depth of the strips, which worked out to be just over 6 inches. I didn't measure each individual strip (it would have taken forever!), but did bust out the measuring tape a few times on each side to  make sure it wouldn't be totally lopsided. I wanted to avoid my typical klutzy-excited errors...

3) The corners were cut approximately 6.5 inches by 6.5 inches. I saved these corner squares of fabric for a future project - not sure what it will be, but figured they had potential for something down the road.

4) Cut strips along each side of the blanket, about 1 inch to 1.5 inches wide. Like I said earlier, I found that cutting the fabric into long and thin strips worked best. I flipped up every other strip so that they were easier to keep track of and kept the project somewhat organized.

5) Last but not least... start tying the strips together into knots! This part was the least time consuming. Don't pull the knots super tight at first, you can always go over them again later so that there are no awkward pulls in the fabric.

And that is it - voila. The final product will look something like this:

Total cost:

Fabric = $18.18 ($9.09 per yard at Hobby Lobby, x2)
Total =  $9.09 per blanket
( * two no sew baby blankets were made this time around!)

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